How to set up Windows Deduplication

Setting up Windows Deduplication in Server 2012 or Server 2012 R2 is easy.

You can do this through Server Management Console, but I find it is faster and simpler to do it using Windows PowerShell.

Click the PowerShell icon on your taskbar and when the PowerShell window opens, enter the following commands:

Import-Module ServerManager
Add-WindowsFeature -name FS-Data-Deduplication
Import-Module Deduplication

This installs deduplication.

Next, choose the volume that you want to enable deduplication on, such as volume D:, and enter:

Enable-DedupVolume E: -UsageType Default
Set-Dedupvolume E: -MinimumFileAgeDays 0

This set the deduplication type to default, which is good for backup files. It also sets deduplication to run on all data files, which is also a good choice.

Once you write or copy files to the deduplication volume, you need to run a deduplication job to actually deduplicate the files. Windows sets up an automatic job to deduplicate the volume using the Windows Task Scheduler. You can also manually run a deduplication process, on demand.

To get the best deduplication performance, read How to Make Windows Deduplication Go Faster.

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